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Senior Client Services Practitioner
Placer County is recruiting for the position of Senior Client Services Practitioner. Click here for more information and how to apply.

Posted: 4/4/17


Forensic Clinician, Gateways FCTP CONREP

The Forensic Clinician position is an excellent opportunity for post-doctoral psychologists looking to gain supervised experience working with court-mandated clients within the legal categories of PC 1026 (Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity) and PC 2962/2972 (Mentally Disordered Offenders). In addition to providing individual and group psychotherapy, clinicians conduct violence risk assessment and write quarterly and annual court reports. This full-time position affords the post-doctoral psychologist an exceptional opportunity to work within a multidisciplinary setting, obtain direct training and supervision in violence risk assessment, expert witness testimony, and forensic report writing, and accumulate supervised post-doctoral hours for licensure. Additionally, at Gateways we pride ourselves on providing high quality supervision and mentorship to help our clinicians successfully navigate the licensure process and become independent clinical forensic psychologists. Forensic experience is desirable but not required. *Bilingual Spanish speaking candidates highly desirable – salary bonus available*

Natalie K. Sobel, Psy.D.
Program Director
Forensic Community Treatment Program (FCTP)
Gateways CONREP

Posted: 2/9/17


Activity Coordinator, Gateways FCTP CONREP

Currently, Gateways is also recruiting for an Activity Coordinator to run the Socialization Inpatient Program (SIP) within our program. This position involves organizing and implementing social and recreational activities designed to improve clients’ physical, mental and social well-being. The ideal candidate is a recent graduate (either A.A. degree or B.A. degree) with some experience in either recreational activity or psychology, and an interest in working with the mentally ill. This is a unique position that requires creativity, strong communication skills, and initiative, but is a wonderful opportunity for a new graduate to obtain exposure to the mental health field within forensics.

Job duties include, but are not limited to: monitoring client behaviors and documenting and reporting all relevant information to the treatment team; administer UAs as required; provide required home visits to assigned clients identified by the Home Visit Coordinator or Program Director/Program Coordinator. Consults with other members of the treatment team in order to select the most appropriate activities consistent with the needs and capabilities of each client. This position entails interactions with all FCTP clients in one manner or another. Excellent time management, the ability to prioritize, and flexibility are necessary skills to be successful in this position. *Bilingual Spanish speaking candidates highly desirable – salary bonus available*

Natalie K. Sobel, Psy.D.
Program Director
Forensic Community Treatment Program (FCTP)
Gateways CONREP

Posted: 2/9/17


Psychologist & Clinical Social Worker, Mule Creek State Prison

Clinical Psychologist
Starting annual salary:
$86,676 Unlicensed
$102,312 Licensed
More Information

Clinical Social Worker
Starting annual salary:
$67,608 Unlicensed
$72,732 Licensed
More Information

Trish Wallis, LCSW, PsyD
209-274-4911 x. 6968 Trish.Wallis@cdcr.ca.gov

Posted: 1/11/17


Psychiatrist, Santa Clara Valley Health and Hospital System

$246,900 - $323,000 annually
7 weeks of annual leave
Full benefits & retirement

Santa Clara Valley Health and Hospital System, a public healthcare system in the heart of Silicon Valley, is seeking BE/BC psychiatrists & PGY-III/IVs for a variety of clinical settings, including emergency psychiatric services, inpatient psychiatric services, outpatient behavioral health clinics, and custody health programs. Opportunities for additional moonlighting also exist within our healthcare system. As the largest public health care system in northern California, we offer comprehensive healthcare resources to a large and diverse patient population. Psychiatrists are part of a robust team of staff that work in collaboration with other medical specialties to provide integrated health care to patients.

Psychiatrists are eligible for numerous benefits including 7 weeks of annual leave, 1 week of educational leave, 12 holidays, $4500 educational funds, health benefits, life insurance and CalPERS retirement plan.

If you are interested in working in a dynamic and collegial work environment, please submit a CV and letter of interest directly to:
Dr. Tiffany Ho, Behavioral Health Medical Director
(408) 885-5767
The County of Santa Clara is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Posted: 12/11/16
- Ongoing recruitment -


Clinical Positions, Sharper Future
Are you a professional who wants to contribute to preventing sexual violence?  SHARPER FUTURE, an established California forensic mental health agency, is seeking well-trained licensed clinicians to provide outpatient treatment services to adults under criminal justice supervision because of a past sexual offense.  Well-delivered, evidence-based treatment can change lives and prevent future victimizations.  This work is not for everyone but can be very rewarding for those who enter the field.  There are immediate openings in a number of California locations.  SHARPER FUTURE uses a team approach, strongly supports clinicians and provides a range of structures to guide effective rehabilitative work.  Some direct or relevant experience is required.  Licensed clinicians are preferred but well-qualified prelicensed individuals will be considered.  Learn more & find out how to apply by visiting www.SHARPERFUTURE.com   EEO Employer.


Psychologists, Department of State Hospitals - Atascadero


San Bernardino County


California Department of State Hospitals


Jail Behavioral Health Services, San Francisco


Gateways Hospital, Los Angeles



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