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william t. rossiter award

2017 William T. Rossiter Award Winner

Edward Latessa, PhD

Each year FMHAC presents the William T. Rossiter award to an individual who has contributed widely to the field of Forensic Mental Health and treatment of mentally ill involved with criminal justice system and is known for distinguished service.

This year, the award goes to Dr. Edward Latessa, Director and Professor of the School of Criminal Justice at the University of Cincinnati. Dr. Latessa specializes in research on improving outcomes for justice involved individuals with mental illness and reducing the risk of criminal re-offense. He has published over 150 works in the areas of criminal justice, corrections and juvenile justice over 37 years in the field. He and his staff have assessed over 600 correctional programs throughout the United States and he has provided assistance and workshops in over 48 states.
Dr. Latessa is best known in our field for his work on distinguishing who to target for intensive treatment, which criminogenic factors to target and the types of treatment to use, such as action-oriented rather than talk therapy. This has been a major influence in community and correctional mental health throughout the country.
We are thrilled to award this year's Rossiter Award to Dr. Edward Latessa.

Past Rossiter Award Recipients

1985 Roger Schock, MD
1986 Donald T. Lee, MCSW, ACSW
1987 Richard P. Mandella
1988 Pamela Craig, RN
1989 Roger J. Wiere, PhD
1990 William E. Reid
1991 Grant J. Ute, LCSW and Elsie Go Lu, PhD
1992 Christine M. West, LCSW
1993 Captane P. Thomson, MD
1994 Diane C. Serber, LCSW
1995 Arthur J. Paull, LCSW
1996 Craig S. Nelson, PhD
1997 Janet J. Kohler, MPA, LCSW
1998 E. Eugene Kunzman, MD
1999 J. Reid Meloy, PhD
2000 Mark Wiederanders, PhD
2001 Phil Erdberg, PhD
2002 The Honorable Harold E. Shabo
2003 David Meyer, JD
2004 Emily Keram, MD
2005 Rusty Selix, JD, and Darrell Steinberg, JD
2006 Barry Perrou, PsyD
2007 California State Sheriff's Association
2008 Janice Marques, PhD
2009 Terry Kupers, MD, MSP
2010 Honorable Judge Stephen Manley
2011 Stephen Mayberg, PhD
2012 Elizabeth Loftus, PhD
2013 -----
2014 Kit Wall & Elaine Linn and
Charles Scott, MD
2015 California Judicial Council
2016 Jennifer Skeem, PhD
2017 Edward Latessa, PhD


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