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Mental Health and the law: An in-depth look at the evidence (2011)



President Elect
Munir Sewani, PhD

Vice President
David Meyer, Esq

Douglas Taylor Smith, LCSW

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Congratulations Award Winners

William T. Rossiter Award
Stephen Mayberg, PhD

Christine M. West Award
Douglas Taylor Smith, LCSW

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Psychopathy and its Implications for Mental Health and Law
Robert D. Hare, PhD
Email for ppt handout
Hare & Neumann Final Draft Oxford Volume on Legal

Hare & Neumann Published 09
Hare References
Hare New References

False Confessions: Causes, Consequences, and Solutions
Richard A. Leo, Esq, PhD
-no handout-


The First Empirical Study of Remorse: A Four-Factor Model
Ethan M. Abercrombie, PhD
Adrianna Shoji, PhD

Are We Giving Our Officers the Best? Crisis Intervention Team Training for Law Enforcement
Agi Schenley, PhD, MFT
Sergeant Troy Boser
Kelly J. McMillin
-no handout-

My Roles as a Mental Health Professional: Where Do They Start and Where Do They Stop?
Robert T. Kinscherff, PhD, Esq

Prediction of Dangerousness in Forensic Cases
Clarisse Hamblin, Esq
Pamela Anderson-Mahoney, PhD
Reference List
Science of Dangerousness Prediction Notes

When Experts Disagree: Evaluation of Acute Psychosis in a Forensic Setting
Patricia Winters, MD


Metropolitan State Hospital Seclusion and Restraint Reduction Initiative
Cynthia Lusch, RN
Mike Nunley, RN
Lisa Dieckmann, PhD
-no handout-

Intervention with Personality Disorders: A Clinical Update
Philip Erdberg, PhD, ABPP

My Roles as a Mental Health Professional: Where Do They Start and Where Do They Stop?
Robert T. Kinscherff, PhD, Esq

Restoration of Competency in Jails for Felony Cases: CA's Pilot Project
Kenneth Carabello, LCSW
Kevin Rice, LCSW
-no handout-

Successful Supervision Outcomes Through Evidence-Based Practices: Just Another Swing of the Pendulum
Thomas Granucci, LCSW


Safety Issues and Solutions in Community-Based Forensic Behavioral Health Services
Kevin St. Jacques, PsyD, LMHC
Katrina Taylor, MA, LMHC
-no handout-

Dialectical Behavior Therapy in an Inpatient Forensic Setting
Michael Tandy, PhD

Making Changes in Mental Health: The Impact of the Courts on Correctional Mental Health Services
James Telander, PhD
-no handout-

Parental Alienation: A New Diagnosis for DSM-5
William Bernet, MD
Joseph N. Kenan, MD

An Empirical Understanding of Patients Who are Repeatedly Violent and Suicidal
Moderator: Robert Horon, PhD
John Roberts, MS
Shamyka Sutton, MS
Amanda Ferguson, MS
Briana Henderson
Ferguson Handout
Roberts, Henderson Handout
Sutton Handout

BREAKOUT SESSIONS 3:30 - 5:00 pm

Motivational Interviewing in Forensic Settings: Safer Environments, Positive Behavioral Choices
Ernest Marshall, LCSW

Should Psychologists Prescribe?
Moderator: Amanda Ruiz, MD, CCHP
Expanding Access to Quality Mental Health Services: Prescribing Psychologists
Morgan T. Sammons, PhD, ABPP
How Our Increasing Knowledge of How Mind, Body and Brain Interact Require Increasing Expertise and Education
Bruce S. Milin , MD
-no handout-

Personality Attributes of Male Serial Murderers in a Correctional Mental Health Setting: A Preliminary Investigation
Juliana Rohrer, PhD
Philip Erdberg, PhD
John Lang, PhD
Wes Bettger
Lincoln Beals
Sandy Folker
-no handout-

From Treating Therapist to Expert Witness: Legal and Ethical Implications
Donald A. Eisner, PhD, Esq
Ofer Zur, PhD
Zur Handout
Zur Dual Relationships Brochure

Incorporating Risk/Needs Assessment and Treatment Planning into Sentencing Decisions: Some Practical and Legal Issues
Tim Brennan, PhD
-no handout-


Forensic Assessment of Malingering and Related Response Styles
Richard Rogers, PhD

Testimony Regarding Behavioral Genomics at Criminal Trials
William Bernet, MD

HIPAA, HITECH and AB 211: Everything You Need to Know About the Increasing Federal and State Enforcement of Patient Confidentiality Rights
Linda J. Garrett, Esq

The Management of Sexual Predators: Two California High Profile Sex Offenders and the Impact of Their Crimes on Community Safety
Amy Phenix, PhD
Robert Ambroselli
Janet Neeley, Esq
Neeley Handout


The 36th Annual FMHAC Conference
March 23-25, 2011
Embassy Suites, Seaside, CA
> 2011 Program

Corporate Members
Janssen Pharmaceutica

Sustaining Members
Gil Abdalian, MFT
Ethan Abercrombie, PhD
Nicholas Burgeson, RN, MBA
Patricia Butler, RN, CLNC
Kenneth Carabello, LCSW
Diana Concannon
Trayci Dahl, PhD
Mark Duarte, LCSW
Lynn Field, RN, CCHP
Harry Goldberg, PhD
Mark Grabau, PhD
Thomas Granucci, LCSW
J. Douglas Hollie
Alex Honigman, LCSW
Ronald Kaufman, PsyD
Cynthia Lermond, PsyD
Joseph Lockhart, PhD
Gilbert McFarlane, PhD
David Meyer, Esq
Kathleen O'Meara, PhD
Rod Ponath, MD
Neil Ross, MA
Laurie Rubel, MSW
Nameeta Sahni, PsyD
John Schipper, PhD
Munir Sewani, PhD, MFT
Peggy Webb
Alex Yufik, PsyD, JD

Continuing Education (2011)

Board of Behavioral Science Examiners (CEUs)
Board of Registered Nursing (CEUs)

FMHAC is an approved provider of CEUs through the BBSE (PCE 480) and the BRN (CEP 5965).
16 CEUs available in 2011:
3 CEUs Wednesday Opening Session
1 CEU Keynote
1.5 CEUs for each workshop on 2nd day
6 CEUs Wrap-up Session

Board of Psychology (MCEPs)
MCEPs are approved for 16 units, certification #FOR005-0071-000.
3 CEUs Wednesday Opening Session
1 CEU Keynote
1.5 CEUs for each workshop on 2nd day
6 CEUs Wrap-up Session

California State Bar (MCLEs)
MCLEs are approved for 8.5 credits, #15388:
1 CEU Keynote
1.5 CEUs for selected workshops on 2nd day
1.5 CEUs Wrap Up Session

Peace Officer Standards and Training (POSTs)
POST approved 8 credits, certification #2540-28000-10010:
1.5 CEUs for selected workshops on 2nd day

Board of Corrections (STCs)
For Standards and Training for Corrections (STC) participants who need STC training credit for this event, please either arrange a work related special request before the event or apply for Special Certification after the event. Both of these go through your STC training manager/coordinator.  

The process for a Special Certification is as follows:
Inform your training manager that you will be attending this conference and you will be asking for a Special Certification.
Upon returning from the conference, inform your training manager how many hours you attended and ask them to submit a Special Certification for those hours.
Please contact FMHAC or your STC representative if you have questions on how to request STC credits for this conference.


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