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Integrating disciplines: affirming our core values (2010)


Director of Conference
Alison Stanley, PhD

Director of Education
Jane Lovelle, MPH, LCSW

Cynthia Lermond, PsyD

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Congratulations Award Winners

William T. Rossiter Award
Honorable Judge Stephen Manley

Christine M. West Award
Jo Robinson, MFT

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Sessions are listed in alphabetical order according to lead presenter.

Cyber-Stalking: Dangers Lurking on the Internet
Malliga Battar, PhD, Psychologist

Evolving Concepts in Mental Health Law: Four Decades of Tarasoff in California
(meets the standards for the Law & Ethics license requirements)
Stephen Behnke, Esq, PhD, Director, Office of Ethics, American Psychological Association

Paradoxical Strategies in Forensics and Other Clinical Settings: Balancing the Recovery Model and Core Values to Survive and Thrive Without the Jive
Steven Berman, PhD, Senior Supervising Psychologist/BY CHOICE Coordinator, Patton State Hospital
-no handout-

Clarifying Women’s Pathways to Prison: New Findings and Implications for Theory and Treatment
Tim Brennan, PhD, Vice President, Chief Scientist, Northpointe Institute

LEGAL TRACK Incompetency to Stand Trial: Juvenile Delinquency Proceedings
Sue Burrell, Esq, Youth Law Center
-Incompetent Youth in California Juvenile Justice
-Protocol for Competence in California Juvenile Justice Proceedings
-Viljoen_Grisso 2007

LEGAL TRACK Incompetent to Stand Trial: Expert Qualifications and Adequacy of Court-Ordered Evaluations
Leslie Caldwell, Esq, Chief Deputy Public Defender, Solano County

Ethical Considerations in Psychiatric Diagnoses in Forensic and Correctional Settings
Karen Franklin, PhD, Adjunct Professor, Alliant International University

The STRP Program: An Additional Resource for CONREP Agencies
Bill Freitas, ASW, Northstar Clinical Director, Anka Behavioral Health
Sherry Wilkins, MFT, Southpoint Clinical Director, Anka Behavioral Health

LEGAL TRACK 1368 Revisited: Pending Procedural Changes in Assessing Trial Competence
Jonathan French, PhD, Private Practice
-no handout-

The Bullet Train to Competency
Gayle Gaines, MD, Staff Psychiatrist, Atascadero State Hospital

LEGAL TRACK Enforcement of Court Orders and Treatment For Restoration of Competency in Jails, Local Community and CONREP
Mark Grabau, PhD, Consulting Psychologist, CONREP Operations
Restoration of Competency in CONREP

Designing Effective Suicide Risk Assessment Practices for High-Risk Correctional Patients
Robert Horon, PhD, Senior Psychologist, Supervisor, Department of Mental Health, Vacaville Psychiatric Program
-no handout-

From Behavioral Health Court to an Essential System of Care
Jennifer Johnson, Esq, Deputy Public Defender, Behavioral Health Court, San Francisco Office of the Public Defender
Kathleen Connolly Lacey, LCSW, Program Director, Citywide Case Management Forensic Program
-no handout-

LEGAL TRACK Enforcement of Court Orders and Treatment Issues After State Hospital Commitment
Nona Klippen-Hughes, Esq, Assistant Public Defender, Santa Clara County
1368 Notice OSC
OSC Failure to Transport
Transport By Order

LEGAL TRACK Catching the Fakers In Front Of Us: Malingering Assessment in Forensic Mental Health Evaluations
Craig Lareau, Esq, PhD, ABPP, Director, Postdoctoral Fellowship Program, Patton State Hospital
-No Handout-

Risk Assessment of Sex Offenders and Sexually Violent Predators: New Developments and Controversies
Hy Malinek, PsyD, SVP Evaluator, California Department of Mental Health
-no handout-

Irreconcilable Integration: How to Succeed When Mixing Clinical Oil with Judicial Water
Honorable Judge Stephen Manley, California Superior Court, Santa Clara County
-no handout-

LEGAL TRACK David Meyer, Esq, Clinical Professor, Institute of Psychiatry, Law and Behavioral Science, USC
Description of Legal Track
In Re Mille
OAC vs Mink

Part 1 Prison Mental Health Care: Professionalism Under Pressure
Part 2 War on Terror Prisons: Lessons for Forensic Mental Health Clinicians

Steven Miles, MD, Professor of Medicine, University of Minnesota
Handout Part 1
Handout Part 2

Cross-Systems Assessment: Multidisciplinary Teams in Action
Erica Reynoso, PhD, LCSW, Psychologist, Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health, Juvenile Justice Division
-no handout-

Using Existing Resources To Establish a Successful Mental Health Court
Honorable Judge Glade F. Roper, Tulare County Superior Court
Cheryl Smith, Esq, Deputy Public Defender, Tulare County
-no handout-

Stabilization and Community Reintegration of Forensic Clients with Developmental Disabilities
Hugh Sage, PhD, Executive Director, Facility Administrator, Liberty of Oklahoma Corporation, Robert M. Greer Center for the Dually Diagnosed
-no handout-

A Psychiatric-Legal Analysis of a Case of Lycanthropy in a 19th Century Serial Killer
J. Arturo Silva, MD, Private Practice
-no handout-

Integrated New Family Opportunities (INFO) Program
Steve Vasquez, Esq, Probation Officer III, San Bernardino County Probation Department
Kristina Trauth, MFT, Probation Officer II, San Bernardino County Probation Department
-no handout-


> 2010 Program
> Council on Mentally Ill Offenders Annual Report
> IACFP Conference Introduction (video)

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Sustaining Members
Gil Abdalian, MFT
Kenneth Carabello, LCSW
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Continuing Education (2010)

Board of Behavioral Science Examiners (CEUs)
Board of Registered Nursing (CEUs)

FMHAC is an approved provider of CEUs through the BBSE (PCE 480) and the BRN (CEP 5965).
13 CEUs available in 2010
3 CEUs Wednesday Opening Session
1 CEU Keynote
1.5 CEUs for each workshop on 2nd day
3 CEUs Wrap-up Session

Board of Psychology (MCEPs)
This year we were approved for 13 credits, course code FOR005-0070-000, as detailed here:
3 CEUs Wednesday Opening Session
1 CEU Keynote
1.5 CEUs for each workshop on 2nd day
3 CEUs Wrap-up Session

California State Bar (MCLEs)
This year we were approved for 8.5 credits, Provider #15388.
3 CEUs Wednesday Opening Session
1 CEU Keynote
1.5 CEUs for selected workshops on 2nd day

Peace Officer Standards and Training (POSTs)
This year we were certified for 6 credits, certification #2270-28000-09001, as detailed here:
1.5 CEUs for selected workshops on 2nd day

Board of Corrections (STCs)
For Standards and Training for Corrections (STC) participants who need STC training credit for this event, please either arrange a work related special request before the event or apply for Special Certification after the event. Both of these go through your STC training manager/coordinator.  

The process for a Special Certification is as follows:
Inform your training manager that you will be attending this conference and you will be asking for a Special Certification.
Upon returning from the conference, inform your training manager how many hours you attended and ask them to submit a Special Certification for those hours.
Please contact FMHAC or your STC representative if you have questions on how to request STC credits for this conference.


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