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Making An impact (2009)


President Elect
Mark Grabau, PhD

Vice President
David Meyer, JD

Ronald Kaufman, PsyD

Mid-Term Appointments


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Congratulations Award Winners

William T. Rossiter Award
Terry Kupers, MD, MSP

Christine M. West Award
Joel Fay, PsyD

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Sessions are listed in alphabetical order according to presenter.

Overcoming Obstacles to Sex Offender Treatment
Jay Adams, PhD
Overview and Bibliography (pdf)
Expanding Sex Offender Treatment
The Neural Self, P. Rich (pdf)

Ethics and Society: Psychology and the Death Penalty
Stephen Behnke, JD, PhD
-no handout-

Theory Guided Assessment and Case Interpretation: New Directions in Criminological Theory and Gender-Responsive Assessment
Tim Brennan, PhD
Male Typology Descriptions (pdf)
Measurement and Treatment Implications Adult COMPAS Scales (pdf)
Measurement and Treatment Implications for Women (pdf)

Using Countertransference Awareness to Improve Treatment, Assessment, Supervision and Morale (pdf)
Christopher Ebbe, PhD, ABPP

A Psycho-Social Intervention Program Provided in the Prison System for Inmate-Patients with Serious Cognitive Problems
Bettina Hodel, PhD

Innovations in Programming: Providing Restoration to Competency Services in the Pima County Jail System (pdf)
Debra Joseph, PsyD, RN

Winning At Rehabilitation
Terry Kupers, MD
Coping with the Long-Term Effects of Isolated Confinement (pdf)
How to Create Madness in Prison (pdf)

Formulary Controls: Abuse of Psychotropic and Dispensary Costs in the Incarceration Environment (pdf)
George Laird, PhD

Empathic Deficits and the Neuroscience of Sociopathy (pdf)
Thomas B. Lewis, MD

Does In-Custody Substance Abuse Treatment Reduce Recidivism? A Comprehensive Investigation of One Treatment Program Yields Some Sobering Findings
Lyn Mangiameli, PhD
-no handout-

Bringing the Bottom Up: Santa Monica Police Department's Homeless Liaison Program
Officer Robert Martinez
-no handout-

Using Compassionate Communication with a Forensic Population
Alicia Nowicki, MPA
How to Use the NVC Process (pdf)
Feelings (pdf)
Needs List (pdf)
Selected Abstracts to Support Empathy Enhancing Treatment (pdf)

The Role of Cognitive Behavioral Interventions in Forensic Mental Health Settings
Kenneth Robinson, EdD
Cognitive Behavioral Treatment Review, 2007 (pdf)
MRT Review (pdf)

Collaborative Problem Solving in Hoarding Cases: Finding Useful Solutions for Useless Items
Officer Thomas Sabido, MA
Slides (pdf)
Hoarding Alliance Resource Guide
Marin Hoarders Alliance Field Guide Excerpts (pdf)

Improving Outcomes for Probationers and Parolees with Mental Disorders: What Works! (outside link)
Jennifer Skeem, PhD

Domestic Violence or Battered Women Syndrome? Providing Treatment to Women Who Killed Their Husbands
Sharon Snow, PsyD, PhD
-no handouts-

At the Extremes of Violence: Serial Killers, Mass Murder; Psychopathic & Sadistic Personality (pdf)
Michael H. Stone, MD

Making a Difference: Looking at "What Works" and Changing the Culture in Juvenile Corrections (pdf)
James Telander, PsyD

Department of Veterans Affairs Mental Health Programs for Incarcerated Veterans: Re-Entry and Employment Services
Ralph Zaccheo, MS, MBA
-no handouts-


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Corporate Members
Eli Lilly & Company

Sustaining Members
Gil Abdalian, MFT
Pat Butler, RN
Kenneth Carabello, LCSW
Mark Duarte, LCSW
David Ezra, MFT
Joel Fay, PsyD
Harry Goldberg, PhD
Mark Grabau, PhD
Thomas Granucci, LCSW
Carrie Gustafson
Greg Horn, MSW
Peter Kalmar, MFT
Barclay Kenyon, MFT
Robert Leark, PhD
Alice Lebron, LCSW
Joseph Lockhart, PhD
Gilbert McFarlane, PhD
David Polak, LCSW
Neil Ross, MA
Jennifer Rossi, MFT
John Schipper, PhD
Munir Sewani, PhD
Angela Shannon, MD

Continuing Education (2009)

Board of Behavioral Science Examiners (CEUs)
Board of Registered Nursing (CEUs)

FMHAC is an approved provider of CEUs through the BBSE (PCE 480) and the BRN (CEP 5965). 13 CEUs available in 2009
3 CEUs Wednesday Pre-conference
1 CEU Keynote
1.5 CEUs for each workshop on 2nd day
3 CEUs Wrap-up

Board of Psychology (MCEPs)
This year we have been approved for 13 credits, course code FOR005-0069-000, as detailed here:
3 CEUs Wednesday Pre-conference
1 CEU Keynote
1.5 CEUs for each workshop on 2nd day
3 CEUs Wrap-up

Peace Officer Standards and Training (POSTs)
POST credits have been approved, POST #2270-28000-08.

Board of Corrections (STCs)
For Standards and Training for Corrections (STC) participants who need STC training credit for this event, please apply for Special Certification through your STC
training manager/coordinator.  
As this year's STC certification procedure for the FMHAC conference is a little different, please be aware that this is only a procedural change and should have no effect on the certification of workshops at the conference.  In fact, it will allow more flexibility for attendees.

The process for a Special Certification is as follows:

  • Inform your training manager that you will be attending this conference and you will be asking for a Special Certification.
  • Upon returning from the conference, inform your training manager how many hours you attended and ask them to submit a Special Certification for those hours.
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